Welcome to DomainNameUSA.com. If you are visually impaired and would like to check the availability of a domain, make a purchase, or just have questions please call us at (480) 624-2500. You may also email us at support.secureserver.net to request a website service callback.  We are currently in the process of implementing more accessibility for our visitors so feel free to check back in the near future. Thank you for your interest in our company.
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Important Notice:

DomainNameUSA.com has joined forces with AllDomainsUSA.com as of 3/07/09

If you registered your domain with DomainNameUSA.com prior to 3/07/09, please click here to log in and manage or renew your domain name.

If you registered after 3/07/09 please log in to your account using the log in space provided at the top of this page.


Q. Why are there two places to log in?
A. In order to offer lower prices and more services, DomainNameUSA.com joined forces with AllDomainsUSA.com on 3/07/09. So customers who registered a domain prior to 3/07/09 will need to use the log in link for the old system which is here.

Q. I noticed the prices are lower with the new system. Can I take advantage of the lower prices?
A. Yes! However you will have to transfer your domain names to the new system.

Below are the steps to accomplish that:

1. Log in to the old system here

2. Click on the "transfer lock" link to the right of your domain name. Change "domain locking" to "disabled" and click the "save" button. Copy and save the Authorization code that is now available. You will need this authorization code later. Click the "save" button again.

3. Next click the "contact" link on the left side of the page. They put a checkbox by your domain name and click "continue". Make sure the "admin" contact has your current email address. If it does not insert your current email address for the admin contact and click "continue". Important: It is a must that you be able to receive email at the admin contact email in order for the transfer to complete! You are now done with this page.

4. Then Click here to transfer your domain to our new system. Enter your domain name into the box next to the red arrow that says "Step 1, Start Here". Click the "go" button and follow the instructions to completion.

5. If you have an existing web site make sure that you select the option to "Keep the existing nameservers on my transferring domain names". That way your web site or email service will not go off line. Follow the instructions until completion and you are done!


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